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Calling all individuals and groups looking for a fun, satisfying team-building experience!

The evening meal program is a program where members of the community volunteer to come in and not only donate the entire meal, but also volunteer their time cooking and serving the meal to our 29 residents. We have a large industrial style kitchen, and you are welcome to use it to cook, or if you wish, prepare the meal at another location and bring it in. We have drinks, dishes and utensils on site, and the residents can take care of any dishes after the meal. We ask that dinner be served by 4:30 in order to accommodate the residents group schedule.
Make your favorite dish or try something new! This is an activity you can do once or you can pick one day/week, month or quarter — we’re grateful for every contribution! To see which days are available, contact Alyssa Dancause: alyssa@jeremiahsinn.com or (508)755-6403 ext. 10.