Richard Kenny, Direct Care

Richard is presently a Direct Care staff member of Jeremiah’s Inn. Long before he began working with us, he struggled with the disease of addiction. He spent a decade under the influence. “Finally, I laid my burdens down. Humbled by God and the disease, I found my way into a 12 step fellowship, as well as a Social Model program (not unlike this one).” There, his outlook changed, and he began the path of a new way of life. It continues now, and he keeps his gratitude up front, so that he may be best suited for service to help and replenish the residents and community members with a kind and loving spirit. Richard feels blessed to have all of his family back in his life, and has his Charity Comedy events to bring joy and laughter to the community alongside his brother, Eric. Richard and Eric lost their brother to the disease of addiction in 2007, so it hits home in so many ways. His mother Kristen, and his father Paul both support the his continued change. It is Richard’s wish to actively support Jeremiah’s Inn, as long as the fight of faith continues within himself.

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