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Jeremiah’s Inn 29th Annual Food Drive

June 5-11, 2023 

Worcester families need your support. In Massachusetts nearly 500,000 people are facing hunger – 119,000 are children. One in twelve people in Worcester County does not have enough nutritious food to eat, according to WCFB. In addition, the SNAP emergency boosted payments have ended for local SNAP recipients at a time when inflation is driving up the cost of everything, but especially the cost of food. Shoppers are paying up to 7% more for dairy products, 10% more for processed food and vegetables, and 5% more for meats. Even those who do not rely on food assistance have been forced to make cuts in the family food budget. Experts predict the loss of extra food assistance will push low-income recipients off, what is called, a “hunger cliff.”

Jeremiah's Inn - 2020

In order to empower families within our community to not only survive but thrive this summer, we organize our Annual Food Drive during the week of June 5-11, 2023. This impactful event took place at both Shaw’s Supermarket locations in Worcester, where we diligently gathered an assortment of food and essential household items. By replenishing our pantry for the upcoming bustling summer months, we aimed to support local parents in providing nourishing meals and essential household items to their families, regardless of the challenges they may face.

There’s still an opportunity to make a difference by supporting the ongoing food drive and local families! Monetary donations are the simplest and most cost-effective way to contribute. With these funds, we can procure food wholesale at a more affordable rate than at regular grocery stores. Additionally, storing pallets of items is more convenient than managing individual cans and boxes. Alternatively, you can lend your support by browsing our Amazon Wish List, which features numerous highly sought-after items, and they will be conveniently shipped directly to us. Your contribution will go a long way in making a positive impact.

Food & Essentials Wishlist 

  • Rice
  • Pancake Mix
  • Soups
  • Canned meats
  • Beans
  • Flours (all types)
  • Cooking oils (all types)
  • Special Diet items (vegan & gluten, nut, soy-free etc.)
  • Nuts and trail mix
  • Shelf stable box meals such as meal helpers and mac & cheese
  • Cereal
  • Baby items
    • Diapers
    • Wipes
    • Formula
    • Baby food
  • Household items
    • Disinfecting cleaners
    • Toilet paper
    • Paper towels
    • Detergents (laundry & dish)
  • Toiletries
    • Feminine hygiene
    • Toothpaste
    • Soap
    • Shampoo
    • Antiperspirant