Jason started working with us as a per diem staff while completing his certificate for Addiction Counselor Education (ACE). He soon took over the position of a weekend and overnight Case Manager. And as of January 2014, Jason has been working as a day-time Case Manager. And was promoted to Senior Case Manager in May 2016.

“When I first started working,” he said, “I thought I was going to help everybody; soon I realized that this job comes with a lot of failure. There will be relapses no matter how much you try.” What drives him, he says, is knowing that what he does saves the lives of those who may not have had the chance otherwise. After going through what he did in his own recovery, he says he understands how to be a guidance for the guys in the house.

“Soon after I started working here, I realized I cared a lot about this house and wanted to make it better. It’s a great program because we all really do care and strive for the same goal: another day clean.”

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