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Janelle Wilson Executive Director

Janelle Wilson

MBA Executive Director

Email: janelle@jeremiahsinn.com

Phone: (508) 755-6403 x 101

Janelle joined Jeremiah’s Inn in February 2007 as the Administrative Assistant. She was quickly promoted to Bookkeeper in November of that year. It was a natural transition as she was pursuing an undergraduate degree in Accounting. Over the next five years, Janelle worked closely with the former Executive Director, Walter Spencer, who she considers a mentor and a dear friend. When the position opened up for Executive Director, Janelle took it on and has since transformed the organization in many ways.

Since she began in December 2012 Janelle has implemented a first-ever strategic and fund development plan, which incorporates nearly 150 annual grant applications, effectively bringing the organization out of a pattern of annual net operating losses, and into a pattern of surpluses with an over 8,000% increase in annual revenue from 2012 – 2015. Not only has programming for both the Nutrition Center and the Social Model Recovery Program been increased and improved, many capital improvements have been made as well; including a new roof, a new parking lot, new technology throughout the agency, all new windows and doors, renovations of 18 resident rooms and bathrooms, new flooring in the offices, new paint throughout the interior just to name a few.

Janelle has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Nichols College. Jeremiah’s Inn, she says, has meant a great deal to her. “In many ways this place and the Social Model environment has helped mold me into the woman I am today. What I appreciate most about working at the Inn is that it doesn’t feel like work. We have an amazing team, which is more like family. Collectively we all strive towards a common goal – serving our clients to the best of our ability. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Dick Quinlan

Dick Quinlan

Director of Operations


Email: dick@jeremiahsinn.com

Phone: (508) 755-6403 x 102

Richard “Dick” Quinlan accepted the position of Director of Operations in January of 2016.  With a degree in business, Dick brings 20 plus years of a wide range of experiences in relationship, operations and change management.  While working for a large international corporation he won numerous national awards in business and operations excellence in North America.  Through his volunteer work he gained extensive knowledge and experience in regional workforce and economic development.

As the Director of Operations at Jeremiah’s Inn he has worked closely with the Executive Director stewarding the organization through the many regulatory and operational changes necessary to bring the organization to the next level and gain competitive advantage.  He is responsible for ensuring that the day to day activities are aligned with the vision and direction of the Executive Director and the Board of Directors.  He describes it simply as “making sure all of the wheels are turning in the same direction at the same speed heading towards our common goal”. 

He says, “my position at Jeremiah’s Inn is my fourth significant career change and by far the most rewarding”.  He also says, “make no mistake, although I may be a Director, our success as an organization is the result of the collective hard work of the dedicated team I have the honor to work with.”

Dick Quinlan

Dominic Idoko

Clinical Director


Email: dominic@jeremiahsinn.com

Phone: (508) 755-6403 x 150


Lori Joler

Lori Arduini

Assistant to the Director

Email: Lori@jeremiahsinn.com
Phone: (508) 755-6403 Ext. 140

Contact Lori for information regarding bookkeeping, accounting, & employee records. 

Alyssa Dancause

Alyssa Dancause

Communications Coordinator

Email: alyssa@jeremiahsinn.com
Phone: (508) 755-6403 Ext. 110

Contact Alyssa for information regarding donations, events, volunteering, website, email or social media, Aftercare & Alumni program.

Serina Conner

Serina Conner

Residential Program Intake Coordinator

Email: serina@jeremiahsinn.com
Phone: (508) 755-6403 Ext. 130

Contact Serina for information regarding intake, admission, eligibility, interviews, & waiting list.

Mary Tambling

Erin Quaiel

Nutrition Center Coodinator

Email: erin@jeremiahsinn.com
Phone: (508) 755-6403 Ext. 190

Contact Erin for information regarding the Nutrition Center and Food Pantry operations and food donations. 

Kashawn Hampton

Kashawn Hampton

Case Manager

Email: kashawn@jeremiahsinn.com
Phone: (508) 755-6403 Ext. 104

Lori Joler

Sindi Tane

Case Manger

Email: sindi@jeremiahsinn.com
Phone: (508) 755-6403 Ext. 104

Alyssa Dancause

Christine Church

Case Manager

Email: christine@jeremiahsinn.com
Phone: (508) 755-6403 Ext. 160

Lori Joler

Richard Mays

Case Manager

Email: richard@jeremiahsinn.com
Phone: (508) 755-6403 Ext. 104

Alyssa Dancause

Kyle Driscoll

Case Manager

Email: kyle@jeremiahsinn.com
Phone: (508) 755-6403 Ext. 125

Lori Joler

Claire May

Case Manager

Email: claire@jeremiahsinn.com
Phone: (508) 755-6403 Ext. 120

Alyssa Dancause

Kyle Nolan

Case Manager

Email: kyle.nolan@jeremiahsinn.com
Phone: (508) 755-6403 


Alyssa Dancause

Keith Opalenik

House Manager

Email: keith@jeremiahsinn.com
Phone: (508) 755-6403


Chris Kane

Recovery Support Specialist

Email: chris@jeremiahsinn.com



Recovery Suppport Specialist


Cody Murphy

Recovery Suppport Specialist

Email: cody@jeremiahsinn.com

Mark Cantelli

Recovery Suppport Specialist

Email: mark@jeremiahsinn.com

James Bolster

Medication Specialist

Email: james@jeremiahsinn.com



Stephen Pinzino

Recovery Suppport Specialist

Email: stephen@jeremiahsinn.com

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