Reynaldo “Rey” Ruiz, Case Manager

Rey came to Jeremiah’s Inn in the summer of 2016. He started with us as a per-diem Direct Care staff. Rey began pursuing his CADAC through the ACE program in September 2016. He has obtained several other certificates and attended several trainings in the mental health and substance abuse field. He became a full time employee in in November 2016 as an Awake Overnight staff member. In September 2017, upon completion of the ACE program, Rey was promoted to a Case Manager.
Rey is very passionate about his job and plans to continue his education. He feels very grateful for Jeremiah’s Inn because he was given the opportunity to grow in his career and to give back, an opportunity he didn’t have when he, himself, was struggling with a substance abuse disorder. Rey recently lost his father, but before he passed, Rey made a promise to him to keep chasing his dreams and his goals, and he feels he can accomplish them all with Jeremiah’s Inn.

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