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Volunteer Opportunities

Nutrition Center Assistant

We are always looking for volunteers to work shifts (2-4 hours) in the food pantry. Duties include stocking and organizing shelves, distributing food, performing client intakes, and smiling!! Generally, it is helpful to have basic computer skills and the ability to lift 25 lbs, but reasonable accommodations can always be made if you are interested in helping out!   Bilingual is always a plus!! Fill out the Volunteer Application and we will contact you.

Evening Meal Program (EMP)

 This is an opportunity for individuals groups of 10 or less to help our residents feel more at home during their stay at JI. Prepare your favorite dish and drop it off or prepare here in our restaurant-style kitchen. Please see the most frequently asked questions below.  If you have already submitted your Volunteer Application you can just visit our page anytime to schedule a meal drop-off on our EMP calendar.

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Bake-a Cake Program (BAC)

Residents length of stay can range from 3-9 months, or longer. They will often hit recovery milestones, or celebrate a birthday or anniversary in that time.  To find out if we have any birthdays or anniversaries coming up please check out our BAC calendar on

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> View Basics for Food Handling

Jeremiahs Inn Volunteers

Community Harvest Project (CHP) Volunteer Days & Camp Street Gardens

We volunteer several times a season at Community Harvest Project (CHP) and take care of 2-4 beds at Camp St. community gardens. If you would like to join us and help get fresh produce to those in need, please fill out our Volunteer Application. We will contact you with the latest opportunities to get your hands dirty!!

Special Events

Throughout the year we hold several events and fundraisers. We are a small team and we are always seeking volunteers to help with organization, promotion and execution of events like the Annual Food Drive, CHOPPED!Worcester, and more. Fill out the application and we will contact you with the latest opportunities.

Workshops & Job Skills Training for Residents

If you have a passion for recovery and are looking for a great way to give back, we are seeking individuals or groups to volunteer their time and talent. Our residents face many challenges, such as finding gainful employment. Sometimes it is just because they lack the training and skills they need to apply. If you have experience in job skills training, resume building, basic computer skills etc. , or ESL contact Alyssa at (508) 755-6403 Ext. 10 to see how your experience can benefit others!