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In Memory of Dane DeBoer 

  For the past three years Regina, her daughter Sarah, and sister Laura have volunteered for The Evening Meal Program every March 2 (Dane’s birthday) since the passing of their beloved son, brother, and nephew. Dane was a fun, creative person who loved the outdoors and animals. He loved his friends and family passionately, and is described as “generous even at his own expense.”  Dane had been attempting recovery for about 9 years when he lost his life to an overdose in 2016.
  “To honor my son Dane’s birthday, it gives me great pleasure to cook for the amazing men at Jeremiah’s Inn”,  says Regina,  “They work so hard on the path to recovery. This year we cooked for 29 gentleman and every single person thanked us, but in my heart I was thanking them for giving me this opportunity to serve. It helps me survive my son’s birthday, and inspires me to see men committed to the long road of recovery. I lost my son, but gain 28-29 new friends every March 2nd.” We are humbled that Regina and her family choose to honor his memory in this way and have March 2nd reserved for Danes family to cook indefinitely.





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